Nsafe driving using mobile phones pdf free download

Learn about the challenges no safe way to use a cell phone and drive. Did you know that the risk of an accident increases fourfold if you use your phone while driving. In this publication, cell phone includes other handheld electronic devices. Cell phone use policy employers should have an organizational policy for employees cell phone use while driving. However, users must adhere to the cell phone safety procedures set forth by their company. Safe driving at work road safety is a major public safety issue. In 2015, 22 people were killed and 99 seriously injured in. Drivewise mobile by allstate for ios free download and. Pdf the effect of mobile phone use on driving style and. Make drivers more aware of the dangers of mobile phone use and other various distracting activities. Pdf use of mobile phones while driving effects on road. Even when talking hands free, drivers can miss seeing. Why using a mobile phone while driving is so dangerous. Smartphone enabled dangerous driving report system.

Mobile century consisted of 100 vehicles carrying a gpsequipped nokia n95 cell phone driving loops on a 10mile stretch of i880 between hayward and fremont, california. Hang up in tricky traffic situationswithout warning if necessary. This allows quantifying the safe driving behavior only from smartphone measurements. The effect of mobile phone use on driving style and driving skills. Weekly toolbox talk cell phones on the jobsite cell phones are extremely popular because of their very fast, almost instant connection time. Hands free versus handhe ld use of the mobile phone remains on e of the. Connect with anyone on android, other mobile devices, windows, mac, ios, zoompresence, h. Safe driving at work safety training video safetycare. The need to communicate quickly and efficiently on construction sites is necessary. Safe driving takes precedence over telephone etiquette.

Mobile phones and driving health and safety youtube. Pdf smartphone enabled dangerous driving report system. Use of mobile phones while driving effects on road safety. Drivewise mobile by allstate rewards you for the safe driving you do every day whether or not youre an allstate customer. Using a cell phone while driving, whether it is handheld or hands free, drastically lowers a drivers focus and reaction time. A large proportion of road travel is workrelated, and research shows that work vehicles are involved in accidents at a higher rate. Develop ways to get free of longwinded friends and associates while on the road. Cell phone distracted driving national safety council.

From 1998 to 1999 the proportion of drivers that chose to use a mobile phone while driving rose from 56. No mobile phone while driving driving guide kia youtube. Simply drive safe like you always do no need to startstop. Use bluetooth wireless technology for safe driving. The obvious implication is that hands free phone calls may be almost as dangerous as a handheld call.

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